Austin Healey 100 BN1 New Build M specs

This Austin Healey 100 BN1 was our last project. The modification list of the car is extensive. For instance; a completely new built engine, Disk brakes on front (AH Performance) new reinforced chassis (Kilmartin) with a wall thickness of 2.0 mm, new inner structure new (100 Healeys) . The list goes on and on, read all about it.

The Healey is rebuild as it was on the road in 1963. After the formal owner hit a dog, the shroud had so much damage that it had to be rebuild. He decided to make it with a Cobra look, like more people did on these days, and ask a craftsman in Canada to do.

In 1984 the Healey was dismantled for a restoration but never rebuild. In 2015 i bought the Healey in parts and boxes and saw the extraordinary craftsmanship on the shroud, so i decided to restore the Healey in this shape and keep the history alive.


Completely new built engine, with hereby we only used the standard cylinder block.
This engine was built with the purpose of high torque in a wide speed range.
For this, the standard crankshaft is replaced with a steel crankshaft, in combination with a steel flywheel and competition crankshaft pulley damper.
These are together completely balanced with the clutch.

The standard connecting rods are replaced with forged steel connecting rods, combined with forged high compression pistons.
The standard cast iron cylinder head has been replaced by an aluminum cylinder head (DWM). The inlet and outlet ports of the cylinder head are extra processed for a better flow effect.

The camshaft is replaced by a version with a torque cut profile.
For the valve actuator has been chosen for competition cam followers in combination with aluminum roller rockers, for the benefit of a higher valve lift, and less mechanical resistance.

By making use of the steel crankshaft, the crank shaft seal in the back is replaced with a closed oil seal. The standard steel oil pan is replaced with an aluminum version.
The oil pump is replaced by a competition pump with higher yields.
The standard valve cover has been replaced by an aluminum cylinder head cover (DWM) for the application of the roller rocker kit to make possible, and to have a better oil seal to effect.

The standard filter is replaced for a spin-off filter conversion.

The radiator is replaced with an aluminum radiator with extra cooling capacity and the cooling system is filled with Evans coolant, also the standard cooling fan has been replaced by a plastic 5 fan cooling blade.
The coolant hoses are replaced with silicone hoses equipped with HD stainless steel hose clamps.

For the ignition there has been chosen for a dual Mallory inflammation point, in combination with a Bosch coil with heatsink. The ignition capacitor is replaced for an improved and more reliable performance (DWR).For the carburation is chosen for 2 HS6 carburators in combination with a cold air box. I use standard throttle linkage.

The fuel supply effected by one Facet fuel pump.
The fuel tank is made of aluminum.
The fuel lines are made of Goodridge hard line. There is also a fuel return line mounted in order to prevent vapor lock.
For this purpose also the exhaust manifolds and the heat shield are treated with a special ceramic coating.

Austin Healey BN1 Engine


BN2 rebuild gearbox in combination with a competition overdrive.
Transmission to the rear axle via a High Deflection (weighted and balanced)
drive shaft. The rear axle is equipped with a Quaife limited slip differential.
Furthermore, the two half shaft’s are replaced for the Uprated version of DWM.

AH BN1 Drivetrain

Chassis / Body

New reinforced chassis with a wall thickness of 2.0 mm (Kilmartin).

Further, the inner body complete new (100 Healeys) with material from Kilmartin, to provide more stiffness.
Under the chassis is an  plate mounted for extra rigidity, and protection of the engine.
The bonnet is also been replaced for a aluminum one with louvres to provide additional cooling and mounted in 100S stile.

Austin Healey 100 BN1 Chassis / Body

Suspension / Steering

Original BN1 steering box rebuild by Frits von Munching
New wishbones, top trunions and stub axle’s featured with needle bearings.
Weighted springs in combination with a reinforced anti-roll bar.
Reinforced original shock absorbers
Heavy duty rear springs in combination with a panhard rod.
Furthermore, all mounting rubbers are replaced by poly bushes.


Separate brake system (front / rear).
Infinitely adjustable brake balance between front and rear brakes, balanced bar between the two cylinders, adjustable under the car.
Front Brakes Aluminium 4 calliper from AH Performance.
At the rear is standard drum, all the parts are new.

AH BN1 Brakes

Electrical installation

The car features a new made harnesses as original.


Rebuild and restored standard dash, with a steering wheel made by Michael Lempert, a exact copy of the wheel in the Healey coupe from Donald.

Austin Healey 100 BN1 Dash

AH 100 BN1 with M specs
Year 1954/2017
Price € 125.000
Power 145 HP 280 Nm
Fuel  gasoline 
Color  Aquaverde Green 
Engine size 2700 cc
Transmission 4 speed BN2 gear with overdrive
Bodywork 2 seater Cabriolet
Mileage 3000 Miles sins build
Interior Green Leather






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