Rally Preparation


The Big Healey has always been described as a man's car and still is an amazingly fast and exiting to drive rally car. Most recently the Tulip Rallye was won for the third time by an Austin Healey equip. In the late fifties and early sixties Austin Healey’s were driven by famous pilots like Pat Moss, Timo Makinen, Morley brothers, that recorded outright wins in the Liege-Rome-Liege marathons, Alpine Rallies, Tulip Rallies and RAC rally sport events.

While the last Healey’s were built some 50 years ago, new performance upgrades and parts are still being developed today. At Healey4u we are on the cutting edge of these technical and design advancements. We recognize the importance of historical preservation and originality as well as modern modifications, enabling safer, more reliable driving and performance enhancements. Improving road holding, braking and tuning engines are also part of our domain.

An Austin Healey 3000 in rally-ready state of tune can easily produce over 200 horsepower. Healey4u provides all levels of competition, from original ‘works type’ specifications to modern competition configurations that meet international FIA regulations and standards. We offer several intelligent solutions to modify carburetors, electronic injection, faster cams, dual braking systems to drastically enhance the performance of your Big Healey.

Preparing Austin Healey’s for historic rallying is something that we do with great enthusiasm. Our personal competition and experience in building these cars enables us to give valuable and practical advice. Healey4u offers a full spectrum of rally modifications. From constructing safety roll cages to custom modified electrical systems. We like to discuss and review the various options with you based on your individual needs and wishes.

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